Group Members


Prof. Yi-Xin Liu

Dr. Yi-Xin Liu is currently an associated professor at Fudan University. See his biography here.

Graduate Students

Master, PhD, and postdoc positions are open for application!

Mr. Yu-Chen Zhang

Yu-Chen Zhang is working on developing novel algorithms for computing scattering behaviors of polymer assemblies and nanoparticle clusters. He is now pursuing a Master degree of science.

Ms. Wei-Ling Huang

Wei-Ling Huang is working on the phase separation kinetics of polymer thin films under solvent evaporation. She is now pursuing a Master degree of science.

Undergraduate Students

Welcome undergraduate students to join our research group!


Mr. Xu-Chen Gan (Mar. 2021 - Jun. 2022)

Xu-Chen Gan (github) was working on a Xi-Yuan Project (2021) to develop efficient and reliable algorithms for computing phase diagrams of polymer blends. He graduated at 2022 with BSc. He is now pursuing a PhD at UMass.

Dr. Jun-Qing Song (Sep. 2013 - Jun. 2018)

Dr. Jun-Qing Song graduated at 2018 with PhD. He is working in a government department at Guangxi Province.